• Have your cake & eat it with Protection Racket

    Have your cake & eat it with Protection Racket

    Brett plays drums for Even 9 a brilliant 3 piece band based here in Cornwall, it was Brett's 40th earlier this month :-) Brett's wife Emma had this amazing cake made for Brett by the very clever people at The Cake Hole in Pool in Cornwall :-) 

    Brett, you're a very lucky man, a brilliant wife, a brilliant drummer in a brilliant band using brilliant cases to transport your drums....

    ...having your cake & eating it :-) Deano X

  • PR Mouse Mats

    PR Mouse Mats

    Coming soon for all you Racketeers out there that love all things Protection Racket.  Got a computer, got a laptop, got a mouse?  Then you need one of these in your life.  Protection Racket PR Logo shaped Mouse Mats.  One size fits all :-) If you don't have a mouse, they also make for great coasters/beer mats!

    Keep an eye on the website and we will anounce when they are available.  

    Cheers Deano

  • AAA6021 Rigid Cymbal Vault

    AAA6021 Rigid Cymbal Vault

    We are very excited to announce the launch of our A6021 Deluxe Rigid Cymbal Vault.  We have used all our knowledge and craftsmanship to design, what we believe to be, the finest ever cymbal case.

    Compromise was out of the question when specifying this new case, which takes cymbal storage and transportation to another level. The new deluxe cymbal vault has been designed using Protection Racket’s Triple AAA - Access All Area – All Accidents Averted drum case technology. This means the case has a super tough, impact resistant, polycarbonate frame, which is fully rigid but very lightweight, weighing in at only 4Kg/ 8.8lb. Internally, Protection Racket have made liberal use of the Rocket FoamandPropile™ fleece linings making sure cymbals will now travel in style.

  • Miles "Milo" Pascall

    Miles "Milo" Pascall

    If you get 5 mins please check out TeamProtection Rackets Miles Pascall new Facebook Page. Milo (to his friends) is currently drumming for the deliciously talented Mila Falls.

    You can also catch Milo on the 25th March at Bell Percussion in London where he will be opening for Aaron Spears on his drum clinic tour, check out Bell’s website for further info.

    Milo’s Facebook page here:-

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@aguadobush you know I'm gonna end up making you one don't you!!! :-) :-) :-)

@shmerebere no worries :-) it depends what sizes mate, we carry a small amount of stock I'm not sure off top of my head if we have that in..

@shmerebere No worries Mathew....let them know we agreed to make you 1" base to go in and we will chuck that in for free :-) D

@shmerebere hey Mathew...I think it may just squeeze in, though a better idea would be to get the 22 x 16 and we make a 1" false bottom? :-)