• Nutcases revamped for 2018

    Nutcases revamped for 2018

    They call themselves ‘Nutcases’ and for years they have roamed backstage, round studios, in pubs and many bedrooms looking for targets. They have encased, swathed and wrapped literally tens of thousands of drums, caring for them in the single largest ‘Protection Racket’ in recent years. Witnesses attest to the fact the drum world is still reeling from the impact these affordable cases have had, seriously reducing a drummer’s ability to abuse their kit!

    Investigators now report that Protection Racket have totally revamped and updated their Nutcases making them simply the best beginner to intermediate bags available in today’s market with the intention of taking control of organised drum protection worldwide.

  • Protection Racket in Iceland

    Protection Racket in Iceland

    So, this is how they sell Protection Racket in Iceland.  

    Thanks to Team Protection Rackets Kristinn (Kiddi) Agnarsson who plays with the incredible John Grant and up & coming Icelandic singer song writer Ásgeir Trausti.  Also, a huge shout out to the guys stocking Protection Racket in Iceland: Tonastodin Drum Store.  Check them out on Facebook @

  • Spike Smith Drum Channel

    Spike Smith Drum Channel

    Just had news in from long term Protection Racket fan & endorsee Spike T smith about his newly set up You Tube channel where he has recorded a cross section of drum play throughs' ranging from Buddy Rich to No Means No to The Prodigy as well as a selection of his own tunes..

    Spike has played with the likes of Morrissey, The Damned, Killing joke, New York dolls & many others so it's well worth having a look. He'll also be including live cams from his forthcoming U.S dates with Conflict & studio footage & promo videos that he has recently recorded with reformed Punk Metallers Sacrilege.

  • Ben Stone Drum Cam

    Ben Stone Drum Cam

    Team Protection Racket's Ben Stone has a wicked YouTube page showing Drum cam footage from his live gigs with Tom Jones, Mike & The Mechanics, Roachford. 

    Check out the link below for some great drumming from the drummers perspective.  

    Cheers Deano

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