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  • Silver & Gold Stick bags

    Silver & Gold Stick bags

    Having some fun here with new materials & colours for our 20th Anniversary Limited Edition run Smile Check out the picture and let us know what you think? Too bling, too Gaudy? Be interested in your thoughts, comments and suggestions.  Cheers Deano 

  • Universal Compact Hardware Case

    Universal Compact Hardware Case

    We have been inundated with requests to produce a lightweight, slim line, universal compact hardware case where only a small number of stands need to be carried, protected and stored. The new case is ideal for microphone stands (notorious for having plastic clips which can break) or that gold-plated hi-hat stand which can be now be carried individually or a couple of light weight boom stands.

  • Drum Mat & Stand Markers

    Drum Mat & Stand Markers

    Drum Mat Markers YEA!!! £18.99 for a pack containing 30 x stand feet markers numbered 1-10 - 3 of each, 10 x corresponding stand markers numbered 1-10, 1 x bass drum pedal marker 1 x hi hat pedal marker. Mark ya matt in minutes, no tools required, no weight added to your mat, minor adjustments can be made in seconds, simple (like me) discreet and easy to use - available in the UK now!! Cheers, Deano

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