Warren de Melo (Independent)

Warren is no stranger to the music industry; He is a professional drummer of many years, having had live experience from the age of 7. 


During his career, He has performed with a diverse range of cabaret acts and his musical knowledge spans from 1920's Big band all the way to modern day Pop, World music & Speed Metal, with the added ability to compose, engineer and sing backing vocals.


He has already appeared on Rhythm Magazine (November issue) in 2015, for his technical metal drumming with London rockers, Derange.


Since then, Warren has moved on from Derange, as he sets his sails on being a Band Leader, Composer, Educator and a Freelance Musician.


Warren has been featured on a re-released single by Brazilian Composer/Guitarist, Daniel Piquê, which also features legendary bassist, Billy Sheehan (The Winery Dogs, Steve Vai, Mr.Big, Sons of Apollo)


Warren’s playing is also featured on Bassist/Composer, Sonu Sangameswaran’s upcoming Solo record, which is coming out in 2018. Sonu’s music is a mixture of Zappa, Weather Report & World music.


Warren is currently composing & co-producing a Prog-Rock EP, a Jazz EP, while simultaneously recording for various artists (nationally & internationally) and running his teaching business.


His natural talent, combined with a herculean work-ethic and never-ending curiosity, has propelled him to an unbelievable performance level.


Besides being known for giving birth to frightening speed & ambidexterity. It is Warren’s infectious groove playing that gets him to work in a wide variety of gigs & recording sessions.


When not gigging, recording or touring, Warren enjoys teaching at the North London Music Centre and loves putting out drum covers for his YouTube channel.