Shalev Srur (Independent)

Shalev Srur was born in 1991. As the son of two psychologists’ parents, Shalev was raised with empathy and acceptance, which cultivated his listening skills. In his pursuit of knowledge,he has left his high school in Tel-Aviv and moved to Alon High School in Ramat HaSharon, where he graduated successfully from their respected Music Major (2009).

After graduating from high school, he joined the Israeli Defence Force. After numerous auditions, he was accepted to the highly prestigious role – the drummer of the Israeli Air Force band.

At the end of his service, Shalev was sure about making his dream of becoming the best musician he can be a reality. And so, with the understanding that he has a lot more to learn, he started studying at Rimon School for Jazz and Contemporary Music (2012 – 2016).

Shalev is currently working with some of the most known names in the industry, the respected all-time-legend singer-songwriters of Israel, such as: Hanny Nahmias, Moshe Datz, Danny Bassan, Corin Alal and more. As he plays with the experienced, Shalev does not forget the young, and so, he is also the drummer of some very promising upcoming artists, such as: Mika Sade, Tal Ramon, Rachel Yaron, and many more.

When he is not performing and touring, Shalev is a session drummer. On top of all that, Shalev is a teacher and a guest artist in Rimon Music School, in which his debut lecture and Master Class took place this year (2017).

Shalev is proud to be endorsed by Istanbul Mehmet cymbals and Protection Racket (as of 2017).