Rico Horber (Stoneman/Eat Your Sticks)

Fascinated by Drums from an early age, Rico attended his first drum lesson at 10 years old.

After several years of being taught how to drum, he decided to further his education and study at the ACM (Academy of Contemporary Music) in Zurich, followed up by a course in Audio Engineering at SAE (School of Audio Engineering) that he went on to complete at the Drummers Focus in Germany.

Since 1996 Rico has been passionate about teaching at both public and residential music Schools in Germany and Switzerland including the EatYourSticks Drumschool, St.Gallen, and Drummers Focus, Germany.

Rico is Founder and Business owner of EatYourSticks Drumschools and the SwissDrumAcademy. EatYourSticks Drumschools is now proudly the biggest Drum-School in Switzerland (ZH & TI).

Sound-Fan Rico is working more and more as a Tuning & Sound Specialist as well as studio drummer for different artists & record studios. Rico is the Drummer for Goth-Rock Band Stoneman with who he has played in over 40 Countries around the globe.