Philip Jenkins (Kids In Glass Houses)

Phillip is the drummer for Welsh quintet Kids in Glass Houses, who are set to release their second album ‘DIRT’ on March 29th. The album will be preceded by the Radio 1 play listed single ‘Matters At All’ on March 15th, and will be followed by a headline UK tour in May.

The follow-up to 2008’s ‘Smart Casual’ which spawned singles such as ‘Give Me What I Want’, ‘Easy Tiger’ and ‘Saturday’, new album ‘DIRT’ was recorded in Tornillo, Texas at Sonic Ranch Studios with Jason Perry (The Blackout, ‘A’) Parts were also recorded on the road during the New Found Glory tour (who appear on Maybe Tomorrow), and at Jason’s studio in Essex, where the band met Frankie Sandford (The Saturdays) by chance, and invited her to appear on ‘Undercover Lover’.

“The new album doesn´t pander to any fleeting trends,” Aled emphasizes. “It’s the most honest record we could have made. There are a few curveballs. It’s a bit rawer than our first. It’s quite a bit more expansive and the arrangements are more interesting. The most noticeable thing will be the inclusion and experimentation with electro elements, brass and strings. We´ve never wanted to cut ourselves off from playing with these things and making them part of our music. There´s some grandiose bits, some fun bits and some textured pretty bits that step away from the two guitars, bass, drums and vocals approach. It was a lot of fun. We all just wanna be Prince, really,” he laughs.

“The vibe this time is a lot less processed,” Iain (Mahanty, guitars) continues. “A lot of music around now sounds like it’s coming off a conveyor belt. We wanted to step away from that, stick our necks out and go ‘Hang on, we’re a rock band. Let’s have it!’”