Johan Nunez (Firewind)

Johan Nunez is a Belgian drummer, mostly known for his work within the Swedish death metal outfit, NIGHTRAGE. Hired in 2007, replacing legends such as Nick Barker (Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth), Per Moller Jensen (The Haunted) and Fotis Benardo (Septicflesh) he has become an official member soon after, touring all over Europe, making noticeable appearances on the biggest festivals of Europe (Summer Breeze, Rock Weekend, Aalborg Metal fest, Ilha Do Ermal)

Along with them he has recorded 2 albums “Wearing a Martyr’s crown” in 2009 and the highly anticipated “Insidious” released in September 2011. Soon in 2011 he is noticed by the Greek power metal band, FIREWIND (featuring Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist, GUS G.) and is asked to stand in for their headlining worldwide tour. A few months later, he’s asked to join Firewind as a permanent member and follows them to Greece to record their 7th studio album “Few against many” released worldwide by Century Media in May 2012. The critically acclaimed album is a straight success, cracking several countries’ music charts and getting its first gold award, after selling more than 10.000 units of the first single “Wall of Sound” in Sweden.

Not interested in taking any time off to rest, FIREWIND directly followed up on a worldwide tour.