Henry Rogers (Mostly Autumn)

Henry Rogers (born in June 1991) is an English drummer, session artist, producer and sound developer. He is best known for playing with the British progressive rock bands Touchstone, DeeExpus and Edison's Children. While his style is very versatile, his musical influences come from his passion for jazz, funk and progressive rock.

Henry Rogers first got into drumming as a teenager. He was tutored by a Big Band drummer who played alongside artists like Sir Paul McCartney and The Who. This is how he came to adopt his style reminiscent of jazz, funk and progressive rock.

Growing up, Henry played in various local bands, including The White Orchids and The Shindiggers, around his home town of Stoke–on–Trent. He was approached by and joined Final Conflict in 2007, touring in both the UK and at festivals in Europe. During his time with the band he was awarded 2nd place in the best drummer category in the annual Classic Rock Society awards.

Over the years, Henry's abilities and talents have grown enormously and have secured him full time positions with Touchstone, DeeExpus and Marillion side project Edison's Children; he continues to impress with his drumming skills, playing for both Puppet Rebellion and Mia Klose. After a brief sojourn during 2014/2015 with London-based rock band Heel (leaving due to musical differences), Henry joined the Manchester-based indie rock band Puppet Rebellion in October 2015. He is now in such demand that, along with all his full–time band activities, he also plays for Edison's Children, The Daughters of Expediency (Alan Reed's live band), and the Heather Findlay Band. Henry has also played at several festivals, both large and small, with some of these bands – High Voltage 2010, RoSFest 2010 and 2012, Download, Kendal Calling and Summer's End 2014 and 2016 to name but a few. Henry has played as tour support for artists such as Marillion and Steel Panther across the UK and Europe.

Henry's playing skills have not gone unnoticed in the music industry: coming second in the Classic Rock Society (CRS) Drummer of the Year at the age of 17 (as mentioned above), going one better and winning CRS Drummer of the Year two year's running 2012 and 2013, being voted 9th Best Drummer 2012, 7th Best Drummer 2013 and 10th Best Drummer 2016 by Prog magazine readers alongside well–known established drummers including Ian Mosley, Neil Peart and Gavin Harrison; Henry was also listed in the July 2015 issue of Rhythm magazine as one of the 20 most influential prog drummers of the millennium.

Alongside his work with other musicians such as Alan Reed (Pallas) and with Alan's live band The Daughters of Expediency, Morpheus Rising and Edison's Children, a project set up by Pete Trewavas and Eric Blackwood featuring Rick Armstrong, the son of the 1st Man on the Moon Neil Armstrong. Henry is also a well–known session musician (for both live and studio work), regularly working with established musicians both in the UK and from around the globe.

In March 2018 Henry joined Mostly Autumn.