Gongwei Chi (Independent)

Gongwei Chi was born in 1979 in Heilongjiang province. He has played and participated in more than 10 bands, such as Miserable Faith, Yaksha, Canned Liquid Oxygen and Broken. Till now, his bands have issued dozens of albums, and have performed in some biggest music festivals many times in China, for instance: Midi festival, strawberry music festival, Zhang Bei music festival and so on.

Gongwei Chi is the drummer who have performance experience and teaching experience, he’s also the first underground rock star that performed in CCTV and various local TV programs, received high praises from audiences. For all above, there is no doubt that he is one of the super senior drummers in rock circle of mainland China.

Highlighted Awards / Events:

2000 Best original song of the year

2001 Best Drummer of China

2002 Best Drummer of China

2003 Invited by CCTV "Very 6 + 1" program as a percussionist to record programs

2004 Interviewed by “Feng Hua” magazine and published periodicallearn drum from the masters》;

2005 Invited by “Zhong Xing Numerical Code Music College” as the percussionist teacher

2006 Invited by theater group to recording teleplaybroadsword》;

2007 Perform in Shakespeare's drama "Coriolanus" by the invitation of Chinese People's Art Theatre

2008 Signed up with Mapex

2009 Signed up with Remo and Zildjian;

2010 Signed up with Zildjian drumstick;

2011 Invited as an instructor in Modern Drummer Magazine and Drum and Bass Magazine to record demonstration video

2012 Toured with band Miserable Faith and band Canned Liquid Oxygen in China

2013 Invited and recorded in many programs and TV shows

2014 Signed up with Yamaha electric drums, and also invited by Mapex as an instructor for the national master class.