Ethan Raz (Independent)

Ethan is an independent drummer and musical producer, playing live and recording with many artists in Israel. Below is a list of just some of the artists he has played, recorded and produced with:

Ivri Lider - Huge rock/pop artist, also well known worldwide for his electronic project (TYP). I'm touring with him these days and producing a few songs for him.

Rami Fortis- Alternative rock artist, was well known as member of the famous band “MINIMAL COMPACT” and over the last 35 years considers as the god father of rock in Israel. I’m touring and recording with him for the last 3 years.

MASHINA- The biggest rock band in Israel, considered as the “Israeli Rolling Stones”, I joined their tour last year and am still playing with them.

I also had the honour to tour with:

Rita - One of the top singers in Israel for the last 30 years. I toured with her for 6 years. In Israel and all around the globe. 

Idan Amedi - Young folk-rock artist. I produced his first and second album which got to gold and platinum records and won the title of song and album of the year (2013). I also toured with him for 5 years. 

Roni Dalumi - "Cochav Nolad" winner (Israeli version for American idol), pop singer. I produced her 2nd album. 

David Da'or - Worldwide known artist for his special voice and ethnic/world music. I produced him few successful songs last year. 

Harel Ska'at- Pop-star, took part in the Eurovision.

Rotem Cohen - Upcoming, successful singer. Middle-eastern pop music. 

Shlomit Aharon - Veteran lady singer, well known for her oldies stuff.  I'm touring with her these days.