Duayne Sanford (Honne)

Duayne Sanford is a sought after session musician from South East London.

He started drumming at the tender age of three, regularly playing along to his mother's favourite records.  His mother was a singer & his father was a DJ so the musical influence was heavy on him from a young age.

His earliest avenues of playing were school & church. He had played drums in both establishments thus expanding his ear to various genres and styles.   At this age he was familiar with the Protection Racket brand as the older musicians regularly used the cases which bare the iconic logo.

Throughout his academics it was evident that music was what he was born to do. He attained the highest GCSE mark in Music in his year and after college, he was awarded a scholarship to study a Music Technology degree of which he completed in 2012.

He simultaneously paved his way into the scene through networking online and attending some of London's popular jam nights.

Currently on tour with Honne (Atlantic Records) his CV boasts of many fantastic artists.