Dave Rotheram (Kernuyck)

Dave Rotheram, Age 20, is from the beautiful idillic county of Cornwall UK... Not the kind of place you´d expect such a powerhouse metal Drummer to hail from! For nearly 12 years now Dave has been pounding away at the drums, now providing the earthquake beats for Cornish Metal outfit ´KERNUYCK´ Dave´s playing has to be seen to be believed, with elegance, grace, almost a fluid motion, but creates a sound so brutal and powerful that it literally shakes the floor, armed with his twin DW kick drum kit and a style heavily influenced by drummers like Lars Ulrich, Joey Jordison and Vinnie Paul Abbot, he is a real force to be reckoned with behind the kit. Dave started his career playing for local Cornish covers band ´Sin City´ back in 2003. He gigged extensively with them playing rock covers, cutting his teeth and learning the trade all over the southwest. In 2008 Dave formed KERNUYCK along with his older brother James and good friend Chris Bolt. Since Jan 2008 Kernuyck have recorded and released their own self-produced EP, won the prestigious ´Sailors´ BOTB in Newquay, triumphing over 50 plus other bands from all over the southwest, had numerous rave reveiws in all local and even national press, built a army of supporters and are now touring the UK and soon the world!
Dave has been bringing the devastation to the UK with KERNUYCK now for nearly 2 years, but life on the road can take its toll on his beloved Green Sparkle DW drumkit! So he chose PROTECTION RACKET cases to save them from life on the road, but now being recognised for his hard work, pro attitude and his love for drums, PROTECTION RACKET have decided to now endorse this skin pounding metal maniac!
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Get to one of Dave´s KERNUYCK live shows, if you want to see what we´re talking about, don´t believe the hype, See it for real and ´Get Ready For The Devastation...´