Dan Hayward (Independent)

Dan is a Drummer/Percussionist from Wednesbury, in the midlands area of the U.K

He took up drums after watching his father play in various bands, he had his first gig at 14 and from that started to gain work with many theatre productions/function bands/tribute bands and big bands in the local area. Dan was awarded a place at the prestigious Birmingham Conservatoire where he graduated with Honours in Orchestral Percussion. 

Since then, Dan has had the opportunity to tour the world to locations such as Japan, America, China, Malaysia and a big chunk of Western Europe, working for different artists in a variety of genres, anything from jazz/fusion to orchestras, theatre, pop, rock and bhangra. 

Dan has a wealth of experience in television/radio, theatre work and studio sessions recording anything from advert jingles to film and video game soundtrack recordings on PS4/XBox One and Steam releases. 

Dan is currently playing for a few different tours/artists and is thrilled to be part of the Protection Racket family!