Aaron Edgar (Drums vs Bass/ Independent)

Aaron Edgar first picked up the drumsticks at the age of twelve and has had a tough time putting them down ever since. Within the first couple years, Aaron realized this was his passion. It was obvious what he had to do. It was drums or bust. He was (and still is) obsessed with the pursuit of drumming and further challenging himself to develop his amazing knack of dominating the polyrhythm and odd meter. With a groove so phat, it borders on obese and an ability to find just what it was other musicians were looking for, he quickly became one of the hardest working and most in-demand drummers in Winnipeg, with good reason. Aaron continues an over the top schedule at all times. If he is not gigging, he is practicing, and if not practicing, he is teaching and the rest of the time he spends dreaming about the drums. He has toured all over the country playing shows to thousands and thousands of people. Lots of high profile work, from tours to charting music videos. Country rock to jazz, skittery drum n´ bass, and everything in between. He just never stops.